Arti Nama

19 Feb


“That’s it?”, yeah i got that one particular question a lot! Let me introduce myself before you read another post from me, I’m Rannia yes only Rannia. It’s pretty strange to have one single name and some people couldn’t just believe it so they attempted to making fun of my name by adding doang to be my last name, as if I was one of Dik Doang’s relative (how funny it is,not so guys).

One day I asked my mom about the meaning of my name because you know it’s somehow a tradition for the parents to give their child a name with a beautiful meaning or to represent their prayer. In my case it turned out to be the second one,my parent’s prayer. My mom said that in Arabic it means a white heart, a pure one . The idea is my parents hope that i become a good person either as a child,friend or part of society.  What a big meaning from such a small word! They were actually an argumentation (I’m exaggerating this part a bit) between my mom and my grandfather whether to put last name or not. My mom wanted Annisa to be my last name and my grandfather thought that it was unnecessary. So the baby girl who was born on 27th March 1990 with a zwitsal hair do and blue birthmark on her right arm got Rannia as her name. Yeay me!

That’s actually not the end of the story i still have a lot things to explain hope you guys are not get bored.

One day i watched one of Disney’s Princess Movie with my dad and i told him that i wanted to be a princess not a doctor anymore. No, my dad didn’t say “You are my princess”, apparently he’s not that kind of person. Instead of it he told me that the Princess of Jordan name is Rania (now she’s a queen) and actually it was his inspiration but my dad twist it a little bit by adding another N because with a double N it’s not only a good name but also a meaningful one.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I google her biography and found that in a 2009 list of the 100 most powerfully influential women in the world, Queen Rania ranked 76th. Wow!  I will put a big effort to make Rannia on the list for the second time, i hope so.

It is normal to think that you are proud of whatever your parents named you,isn’t it?  Even though mine was short, I’m still very thankful for it! Because at least people will remember me as a person who has a single name and i think that’s enough for first impression. But my goal is people will not only known me as a girl who has a short name but also a girl with a big heart 🙂

Thank you for reading this post guys, i really appreciate it. Looking forward for your comment!





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4 responses to “Arti Nama

  1. wraditya

    March 16, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Hello, princess! 😉

  2. andin

    May 15, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    errrhhhh.. hahahahhahaha

  3. andin

    May 15, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    who’s beng? let me introduce myself. my name Andin from Maluku


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