Creativity and Innovation

24 Feb

Hi again,this is me against the assignments (again)

Have i already tell you guys that i have to catch all the assignments through this week include posting several topics for one of my subject,so this week I’m pretty busy but actually i enjoy it specially i got to see my SBM friends again. For my third post i will explain to you what are the differences between Creativity and Innovation but also the similarities between them.

Creativity and Innovative differences :

  • Creativity is generating ideas and innovation is bringing these ideas to life.
  • Creativity is an ideas, Innovation is Ideas plus Action
  • Innovation can be thought as process while Creativity is personal characteristic (people differ greatly in their ability to think creatively)
  • Innovation doesn’t exist without creativity and creativity without innovation exists all over the place
  • If something new has been brought into existence, it can be said that you have created it, while if you have made improvements to something which already exists, then you can be said to have made an innovation.
  • Creativity is said to be the capability of conceiving something unusual or original. On the other hand, innovation is said to be the implementation of some new thing.

However Creativity and Innovation have some similarities too , both of them create something new, unique one.  Imagine world without creativity and innovation, the simplest thing that would happen is i can’t write this post because there’s no one in this universe who’s brilliant enough to create blog, may be there’s no one who invent the internet or steve job is just a regular boring person eating apple fresh from the tree not create his super brand gadget. Miserable! No civilization!

Creativity and Innovation have major role in our life that’s why we shouldn’t limit them!


Enjoy the outcome of Creativity and Innovation guys 🙂





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