Hi Apple

14 Mar


Apple always been numero uno in applying new technology. They are the first company that introduced one single button mouse to the computer world in 1979. They also the one who introduced compact disk technology and killed the old-unreliable-floppy disk. Recently, Apple create data transfer system called thunderbolt. Apple is collaborating with Intel to this versatile technology that 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 technology that available now. Their collective experience has made Thunderbolt the most powerful, most flexible I/O technology ever in a personal computer.

In the latest iPod touch and iPhone Apple invent new technology called  Retina Display.  Retina Display is technology that provide the user with  vibrant,sharper, and clearer high resolution image compared to the  others. This technology only available in Apple’s product. Once you go  with Retina Display products you won’t go back to the old technology that  makes image unattractive.




Many computer producer create their computer / notebook in the usual way by using plastic and many parts in the design process. Apple create an innovation in this sector by eliminating many parts of their computer by the process called Unibody Construction. Unibody basically is a process that only use one single piece of material (Polycarbonate or Aluminum) in creating the product. The first time it applied to the product Macbook Pro and now it is continue to all of the product that Apple made. This unique process made the product built by Apple is robust and because its contain less part, the weight of the product is lighter than the competitor.

Apple is a great company in creating innovative products. Take an example of iPod. iPod change the way people of listening music. By combining iPod, iTunes, and iTunes store, Apple create an ecosystem that support one-click buying of digital music. This iPod is phenomenal. Even there are many fake iPod in the market, it shows that many people who want iPod but they might be couldn’t afford the original one. With those features iPod is sold with premium price.
Apple success in iPod sales stimulates them to create another unbelievable gadget that everyone needs , it is a mobile phone called Iphone.  In 2010 Apple already produces the fourth generation of iPhone called iPhone 4. Iphone is a sophisticated gadget because it uses the latest technology of multi-touch. The old touch screen technology use stylus to operate it, the multi-touch only need your finger to work. How awesome it is ! No need to worry missing your stylus!
Another company produce small laptop (netbook) to meet their customer need of a mobile and light device but Apple as a creative don’t think in mainstream way. Apple gives more than their customer’s needs by produce iPad, magical and revolutionary device.  iPad support with internet connection, multi-touch screen, iWork, iPod application in one single 9.7 inches tablet device. In the beginning many analyst doubt the iPad because it is a revolutionary gadget that has not been exist in the market. But in the reality Apple succeed to enter the market by selling 300,000 iPad in the first day of iPad launched.
Business Model

There are so many online music stores that available in the cyber market but nothing compared to successful of iTunes music store. iTunes hits 10 billion songs sold in february 2010. This successfulness of iTunes store is mainly supported by the Apple ecosystem that has been established before like the invention of iPod. Apple are not satisfied easily, they keep develop new store such as App store for iPhone and iPad and book store. The concept of selling application through online store is the first in the world. Nowadays the application that are available in App store reach over 350,000 applications from games, business, finance, and entertainment.  The Apple retail stores are placed in strategic location such as louvre, fifth avenue in New York and also another famous locations. This strategy helps to attract not only computer enthusias to come but also ordinary people that just pass by.


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  1. andin

    May 15, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    pasti banget nih kalau disuruh cari contoh perusaahaan apa yg inovasinya paling megang pasti deh si apple ini hahahahha.. go go om steve jobs.


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