What future holds

09 May


I know its been a while since i wrote my last post, poor time management! i should have done this post like 4 or 5 weeks ago, Lord of Laziness has stroke to my soul .. okay lets cut the wishi washi!

By the way way way, have you ever wonder that you wish you were one of disney princess character or you wish you had Doraemon or become an exchange student (ehem)? Or you wish you were married to Prince William or Indonesia biggest DIVA like Krisdayanti? Well that’s what Kate Middleton or Raul Lemos dreamed about since they were young and kaboom!  it comes true now!

It shows that do not hesitate to dream big!

Well do not afraid to do that because you think that it will lead to bigger disappointment , well let’s just consider that as a fun thing!

If people didn’t dream that they wished there will be any transportation that will take them somewhere far far away as quick as a plane then there wouldn’t be any commercial aircraft nowadays that only takes 16 hours to cross different continent and it is possible for us to still use ship like our ancestors that takes about half of your life to get there. Or may be we ended up livin like flintstone minus the friendly dinosaur!

If people didn’t dream that they wish they had mobile telephone that could make their life easier to call their relatives or being reached by their relatives anywhere anytime, probably we still queueing in public telephone line with coins in our pocket and waiting for people who doesn’t have manner for using the telephone for hours and hours and hours and still counting …

Once my grandma told me that she never imagine there will be good like television that specially the colorful one!

Well that’s what DOCOMO been doing through this video!
They visualizing what they wish the future holds through this video and hopes it will be come true soon! NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s premier provider of leading-edge mobile voice, data and multimedia services and in continuing advancement of mobile technologies and standards!

I really am amazed by this video and by how big their dreams are! But the most important thing is they dream to connect people without any boundaries and make it more realistic!  The target for this innovation is 2020 which is only nine years to go! I think many people are underestimates them and think that it is impossible to create this. But Nothing is Impossible guys! Keep up the spirit NTT DOCOMO i know you will!!

Sekian dan Terimakasih,

Toodles Dreamers!

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