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Goede avon, well it’s saturday nite and I’m stuck in home because bunch of assignments won’t let me to go out. I hope yours were not as bad as mine, hope you have wonderful weekend!

So for my fourth post, it’s all about the best innovation in my version! Well i think the best innovations are *drum roll pleaseeee*


Okay i admit, i have addiction to this thing! Then why i consider it as the best innovation? Some people might not consider it as an innovation but for me it is.

How many steps you have in a day guys? just simply multiply it with 365 days but imagine you walk in bare foot.  Not only gross, your foot might get hurt by Unidentified Sharp Object (USO, okay i know this one is not funny) on the street. Imagine how big the possibilities to get hurt in a day , in a month, in a year, in decade! It will be an epidemic diseaseeeeeee (again,exaggerating).

Now imagine you’re living in four season countries and now you have to walk 200 meters from bus stop to your home on thick snow bare foot! I bet winter is the time for people to hibernate  and stock food from the rest of seasons and in summer where the sun shines you will have your feet cooked perfectly

Nowadays there are so many type of shoes that would match everyone need and love. From flat to sky scrapper heels, leather to canvas, and any color that match your outfit. Moreover people are willing to pay a lot of money only for pair of shoes. For the girls you might be familiar with famous Christian Louboutin, it’s effing expensive but boys, do you how expensive they are? Well it’s a lot more expensive than your gadgets. Ipad? well you can buy four 64GB 3G Ipad with it or two Imac 27 inches for the cheapest one! The expensive one could be the price of a Harley Davidson. Crazy right? I know! That’s what i call innovation!

Whoever who invented shoes,he or she might be really really sad because if you have royalty for this goods you might be freakin rich but thank you i hope you rest in peace 😀


Second, is mobile phone! I love love love love this one! Simplify our life, well at least you don’t have to go around to find public telephone and queue for about 5 minutes if someone’s there and after you wait for them you realized you running out coin! Wow that’s too much for calling someone to inform that you are already arrived where you guys set the place to meet up. Waaaaaay too much!

Now with latest technology, you can discuss your group assignment with your mobile phone with your mates,sharing picture,browsing,twittering, bloooging and of course texting with your beloved one easily. Just don’t forget to pay for your BIS!


Third, would be Air Conditioning. Holly molly, thank you thank you thank you for invented AC or now I’m sweating like pig! Thanks AC you’re keeping me chill when the situation is getting hotter and keeping warm when it’s cold. Brilliant innovation, controlling temperature seems impossible but it turned out to be possible! May be someday there would be innovation that could control the world temperature so global warming disappear.

Well,what’s the best innovation for you guys?

See you soon!


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Creativity and Innovation

Hi again,this is me against the assignments (again)

Have i already tell you guys that i have to catch all the assignments through this week include posting several topics for one of my subject,so this week I’m pretty busy but actually i enjoy it specially i got to see my SBM friends again. For my third post i will explain to you what are the differences between Creativity and Innovation but also the similarities between them.

Creativity and Innovative differences :

  • Creativity is generating ideas and innovation is bringing these ideas to life.
  • Creativity is an ideas, Innovation is Ideas plus Action
  • Innovation can be thought as process while Creativity is personal characteristic (people differ greatly in their ability to think creatively)
  • Innovation doesn’t exist without creativity and creativity without innovation exists all over the place
  • If something new has been brought into existence, it can be said that you have created it, while if you have made improvements to something which already exists, then you can be said to have made an innovation.
  • Creativity is said to be the capability of conceiving something unusual or original. On the other hand, innovation is said to be the implementation of some new thing.

However Creativity and Innovation have some similarities too , both of them create something new, unique one.  Imagine world without creativity and innovation, the simplest thing that would happen is i can’t write this post because there’s no one in this universe who’s brilliant enough to create blog, may be there’s no one who invent the internet or steve job is just a regular boring person eating apple fresh from the tree not create his super brand gadget. Miserable! No civilization!

Creativity and Innovation have major role in our life that’s why we shouldn’t limit them!


Enjoy the outcome of Creativity and Innovation guys 🙂





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What would be the first word that pop in your head if someone  asked you about weapon? Probably  you would say something  harmful or may be something that has any relation to war or  soldier,you name it. Even Mr. Google say that weapon is a tool  used with the aim of causing damage or harm (either physical or  mental) to either living organisms or inanimate objects. In human society weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency of tasks such as hunting, fighting, the committing of criminal acts, the preserving of law and order, and the waging of war.

Since i made this blog in order to fulfill assignment for Creativity and Innovation class, one of the best subject in SBM-ITB (as* licker alert!),i should interpret weapon in creative way. Hmm, okay maybe  i will interpret it from my perspective  about what weapon is.

For me a weapon should be really helpful and also invulnerable and that’s why human being should be really grateful because we were born with the greatest weapon ever which is our brain. With 100 billion of neurons which is the same number stars in our galaxy,Brain helps you to survive through the rest of your life whether it is solving mathematic problems during the class or even doing some practical things. Besides it is a really good weapon, brain also has no pain receptor so it cannot feel any pain. How cool it is!

Someone wise said that it’s all inside your mind,what exactly that guy is trying to say?  Have you ever experienced that one part or your body were injured but you didn’t realize the pain until you see it bleeding? Have you ever attempt to break a thick iron with paper roll? It is all about what you are thinking,if you thinking you could do it then you could do it ,if you think that it hurts then it hurts even though it is not. That’s why we should use it wisely because it can be a helpful weapon or may be senjata makan tuan.

Just like another advance gun, our brain need its own bullet such as take a nap or eat healthy foods. Salmon,Cacao Beans, Matcha, and Blueberries are considered to be a really good brain food. I will explain it briefly one by one :

1. Salmon

Salmon is not only an incredible food for brain health, it qualifies as incredible across virtually every other health standard as well and is clearly one of the healthiest foods that one can eat. It is one of the best sources of Essential Fatty Acids (such as the all-important Omega-3),low saturated fat, generally among the lowest amounts of contaminants (such as mercury) among seafood, and other health properties salmon can help do everything from improve your brain matter, your mood, your synaptic connections, your arteries, reduce your risk of stroke and Dementia and Alzheimer’s and much more.

2. Cacao Beans

Wait, you mean chocolate, right? Hurray! I’ve been looking for an excuse to hit that vending machine and grab a candy bar…it has chocolate in it, so now it’s actually healthy, right?

WRONG. Well, mostly wrong: what’s healthy is the cacao bean, minimally processed. If you want the real stuff, the best is either use 100% organic cacao powder who minimally processes or you can choose only the high cacao percentage dark chocolate bars (75% or higher).

3. Matcha

Matcha’s unique effects on the brain were a perfect fit for those monks in  Japan preparing to endure 12-hour straight meditation sessions:  calming and focusing while stimulating at the same time, it’s no wonder  that Matcha became integrated into the monks’ meditative practices.



4. Blueberries

Blueberries contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3’s like salmon, and and is even high in protein. With antioxidant levels higher than any other berry ever tested, Blueberries unique combination of health properties make it a true superfood for brain and body. Of course, we’re talking Blueberries here not some local generic health food shop pills claiming to contain Blueberries and that’s where the challenge can come in.


May be you have a different opinion about what weapon is to you but i could not think of any good that stronger, smarter, and faster than brain. Through brain you could develop your own self-defense and also develop yourself to be a better person that in the future will help you to deal with any kind of problems,make you the winner.

Ttyl guys!



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Arti Nama


“That’s it?”, yeah i got that one particular question a lot! Let me introduce myself before you read another post from me, I’m Rannia yes only Rannia. It’s pretty strange to have one single name and some people couldn’t just believe it so they attempted to making fun of my name by adding doang to be my last name, as if I was one of Dik Doang’s relative (how funny it is,not so guys).

One day I asked my mom about the meaning of my name because you know it’s somehow a tradition for the parents to give their child a name with a beautiful meaning or to represent their prayer. In my case it turned out to be the second one,my parent’s prayer. My mom said that in Arabic it means a white heart, a pure one . The idea is my parents hope that i become a good person either as a child,friend or part of society.  What a big meaning from such a small word! They were actually an argumentation (I’m exaggerating this part a bit) between my mom and my grandfather whether to put last name or not. My mom wanted Annisa to be my last name and my grandfather thought that it was unnecessary. So the baby girl who was born on 27th March 1990 with a zwitsal hair do and blue birthmark on her right arm got Rannia as her name. Yeay me!

That’s actually not the end of the story i still have a lot things to explain hope you guys are not get bored.

One day i watched one of Disney’s Princess Movie with my dad and i told him that i wanted to be a princess not a doctor anymore. No, my dad didn’t say “You are my princess”, apparently he’s not that kind of person. Instead of it he told me that the Princess of Jordan name is Rania (now she’s a queen) and actually it was his inspiration but my dad twist it a little bit by adding another N because with a double N it’s not only a good name but also a meaningful one.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I google her biography and found that in a 2009 list of the 100 most powerfully influential women in the world, Queen Rania ranked 76th. Wow!  I will put a big effort to make Rannia on the list for the second time, i hope so.

It is normal to think that you are proud of whatever your parents named you,isn’t it?  Even though mine was short, I’m still very thankful for it! Because at least people will remember me as a person who has a single name and i think that’s enough for first impression. But my goal is people will not only known me as a girl who has a short name but also a girl with a big heart 🙂

Thank you for reading this post guys, i really appreciate it. Looking forward for your comment!





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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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